Island Lake State Recreation Area

12950 E. Grand River Ave.
Brighton, MI 48116
Phone (810)229-7067

About Island Lake Recreation Area

This area is contained within Livingston County with the exception of the far east portion of Kent Lake. This park is a 4000-acre area that captures a large stretch of the Huron River basin. The area just south of the entrance toll both has supported breeding PRAIRIE WARBLERS in past years although not in the last three. ORCHARD ORIOLES and CLAY-COLORED SPARROWS have been observed in the field areas south of the Kent Lake parking areas during migration. PILEATED WOODPECKERS are present but tend to move around the park (last observation was between the Riverbend picnic area and the trailhead parking area). Recent years have seen probable nesting RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS just south of the farthest west Island Lake parking area. BARRED OWLS are sometimes heard from the Trail Head parking area. Nesting EASTERN PHOEBES are present at the trail bridge over the Huron River. This trail takes off to the north of the Riverbend picnic area parking lot. After dusk in early May, WHIP-POOR-WILLS can be heard from the area between the Pathway Picnic area and the organization campground and AMERICAN WOODCOCK can be heard in many areas along the park road from the organization campground to the Riverbend Picnic area. AMERICAN KESTREL, EASTERN MEADOWLARKS and VESPER SPARROW can be found in the fields southeast of the Spring Mill Pond parking area. Winter birding in the park can be good as well. Winter species include RED-SHOULDERED HAWK, BELTED KINGFISHER, BROWN CREEPER, WINTER WREN, HERMIT THRUSH and GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET.
To get to the park, exit I-96 at Kensington Road (exit 151). Head south on Kensington Road. The park entrance will be on the east (left) side of the road about miles south of I-96.

Permit Required

Recreation Passport
A Recreation Passport
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