Gregory State Game Area

South Central Management Office
8562 E. Stoll Road
East Lansing, MI 48823

About Gregory State Game Area

Gregory State Game Area is divided into three non-connected sections. The east-most section is the birdiest due to the presence of a couple of small lakes. There are two good access points worth taking a look at if you are in the area. The first is along Bentley Lake Road. The road makes a 90 degree sharp turn about 1/4 mile north of Spears Road. There is a gated entrance road off of the north side of this turn. The gate is usually open. If not, there is room to park at least one vehicle off to the side in front of the gate. The lake here is a good location for puddle ducks. PINTAILS, GREEN-WINGED TEAL and COMMON MOORHEN are a small sampling of previously observed waterfowl. Nesting BLUE-WINGED WARBLERS, SANDHILL CRANES, RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS and GREAT HORNED OWLS can also be found in this area. RUFFED GROUSE can be heard drumming from various locations in this area. Migrants include OSPREY, ALDER FLYCATCHER a good variety of warblers and FOX SPARROWS. The second access point is along Spears Road. There is a small road on the north side of the road that is currently unmarked. This road goes up a small hill then down to a parking area next to another small lake. This area is good for WOOD DUCK, GREEN-WINGED TEAL and other migrant waterfowl. In fall, this is a good location for large flocks of RUSTY BLACKBIRDS. Be aware that this is a game area and that there are duck hunters present in season as well as many deer hunters during gun season.
Use the I-96 exit at D-19/Michigan Avenue (exit 137). Head south on D-19 for about 5 miles to Schafer Road. Turn west (right) on Schafer and travel almost 2 miles to Bentley Lake Road. Turn south on Bentley Lake Road (left) and the game area will be to your west (right) after traveling about 1- miles.